ACAMS systems are installed on 52 airports in Norway. Installations include 19 I-Tower solutions, 48 Remote Control and Monitoring systems, 21 ATIS systems, and various emergency radio systems.

Qatar’s new airport in Doha, Hamad Int. Airport, has 40 million passengers and 250 000 movements annually. ACAMS proudly serves this busy airport's ATC services with technical monitoring TCMS and Crash Alarm & Red Telephone System.

ACAMS has supplied 27 Integrated Tower (I-TWR) solutions to Brazil as part of an ongoing project. In addition, 27 ATIS systems and emergency radio systems are supplied to various sites in the country.

“Ledit système est opérationnel depuis sa mise en service en 2006 à notre entière satisfaction”

 A.Farji, Chief of technical Department , Office National Des Aèroports, Morocco. ACAMS CAT-III status system at Casablanca Int. Airport.

From the Cairo Airport new control tower, the ACAMS I-Tower solution provides control and monitoring functionality of all airfield lighting facilities at the airport. Cairo international airport is the second busiest airport in Africa.

ACAMS at the north pole? ACAMS has successfully installed its AFL Control & Monitoring system at the world’s northenmost airport, at Ny-Ålesund, Svaldbard. The airport, with several  scheduled weekly flights, is located at almost 79 degrees north.

ACAMS also offers ATC solutions for single lamp control, runway light maintenance and even flight inspection solutions and services. Contact us for details!

ACAMS has installed systems to 20 sites north of the Arctic circle.

ACAMS Airport Tower Solutions provides integrated systems for advanced monitoring, control and display of airport tower-related systems. Integrated and cost-effective solutions offer significant improvements in operational safety and controllers' working conditions.

ACAMS Advantages


ACAMS' Integrated tower solutions provide unified HMI for multiple systems which improves efficiency and reduces errors. Improving the tower process and working conditions for the air traffic controller directly affects aviation safety. Read more about ACAMS products and services.


ACAMS integrated tower systems have modular design, allowing custom configurations with COTS hardware. May be adapted and integrated to a wide range of systems and equipment, effectively extending service life of existing equipment. Read more about ACAMS products and services.


ACAMS is the world expert on integrating tower solutions and have the entire staff dedicated to providing top of the range solutions in this specific field. Close cooperation with end users ensures effective processes. More than 120 installations worldwide ensure expertise in design, planning and execution, local adaption, and follow up. Read more about ACAMS project execution.


ACAMS will supply upgraded ATIS solution to integrate with Vaisala and Indra for mirTWR remote tower in Hungary
ACAMS will supply a packaged system of ATIS and TCMS to be installed in the new Red Sea International Airport in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
ACAMS has secured a delivery contract of 4 D-ATIS systems to Kenya.